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Exploring the The Newest Trends In Brow Enhancement

Eyebrows are swiftly becoming a big focus in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Many products and semi-permanent procedures are emerging in the market for those who wish to modify their eyebrows to attain their favorite look. Celebrities have been setting trends which are experimental, quirky and fun. While some retain the voluminous, full, and fluffy brows, others are bleaching it out and pruning it. Some of these styles have made it to 2022, let’s find out what’s in vogue, and how they are achieved through brow enhancement techniques.


Brow Lamination

Brow lamination, the semi-permanent treatment which gives flawlessly placed, brushed up brows which stays for months, is the most sought-after look in 2022. It involves restructuring the brows, and setting them into the desired shape with the help of a fixing product that also straightens the curved hairs, thus improving symmetry. The brushed up spaces help fill gaps, and make the brows appear fuller. It is an amazing solution to several brow-related problems including overplucking, thinning, gaps, and unruliness. Brow lamination allows you to raise the brow’s arch, as well as extend its tails. It is basically a perm for your eyebrows, imparting a set, uniform shape for a long period of time. 


Ombre Brows

With ombre brows, you can say good-bye to sparse brows. Filling in your brows each morning, as part of your make-up routine can be a hassle, because precision is key when it comes to your brows. A little extra tint and it might ruin your look. Ombre shading is a semi-permanent styling technique that employs a small machine which places extremely tiny dots of pigment into the skin in the eyebrow area, giving off a soft-shaded brow pencil look which lasts for two to three years. This makes the brows easy to maintain. It is ideal for people with oily and sensitive skin, requires few touch-up appointments, and gives definition to your brows. 


Hair Stroke Brows

Hair stroke brows help you achieve a natural looking brow unlike solid fills as it does not appear heavy, and looks good even without makeup. It keeps your brows looking natural, and lightly feathered by adding fine hair lines. It introduces a subtle, yet profound difference to your face, framing and defining your eyes. The hair stroke tattoo gives you a natural looking permanent eyebrows which matches your complexion and hair. Your eyebrows also assume better shape and symmetry. This is an effective choice for individuals who have overplucked brows, had chemotherapy or alopecia leading to loss of eyebrow hair, or suffers from scars, and asymmetry in the brows. 


Flow Brows 

Flow brow is a modern solution to women facing brow loss, and is gaining popularity among women. The process involves nano blading as opposed to microblading used in hairstroke brows. This thin, flexible blade allows the creation of a natural-looking brow with slim flowing strokes. It is a semi-permanent procedure which provides well-defined brows which are stylish and low maintenance. Thinning eyebrows leave gaps, and cause the brows to lose shape. They mimic real hair very accurately making it seem natural, and realistic. 


HD Brows

High definition brows are a bespoke treatment tailored for each individual. It is one of the easiest ways to structure, and revamp your look. It involves shaping, tinting and filling to help you get a taste of fuller brows and how it could enhance your facial features. Using a custom mixed tint which blends with your natural color, the stylist shows the perfect way to fill in your brow with pencil or powder to get a refined arch, working with the hair you have, and helps you along a brow growth programme. This is a great option for those who wish to try fuller brows, and make an informed decision. 

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Posted By Naomi Davis

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