Face Fitness

Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Face fitness facial is the new technique in town, which is gaining traction among those who prefer a non invasive alternative to get their sculpted faces.

This innovative facial workout was devised by Inge Theron, who calls herself a ‘spa junkie’. The idea was birthed over extensive research, and study of face massage and muscle stimulation, and she introduced this 30 minute face exercise routine, which entails warm up, cardio, sculpt and cool down, performed by trained professionals with non-invasive machines to lift, sculpt and tone the facial muscles.

A facial that only uses hand movements and high-sculpting creams to lift and tone your face without the use of any surgical procedures.


What We Do

The process is designed to boost your skin from inside out, while also lifting and contouring your face.


We lift, and tighten the skin without injectables by using kneading techniques, and latest technologies to tone and strengthen the forty muscles present in your face.

We focus on your face muscles which are otherwise neglected, precisely why it is often called ‘face workout’.



To lift , tone and sculpt the face , to encourage blood flow and collagen production – it’s the perfect red carpet facial

Results can last upto a week, daily usage of the purelift device at home can also prolong the result

We use an array of luxurious skincare brands such as Natura Bisse and sisley – bespoke skincare is used to match your skin type and enhance your results

Face fitness is a mixture of intensive facial massaging to sculpt , contour and lift the entire face. We also use a galvanic micro current device that picks up the muscle and gives a full 360 degree work out to the face

After Care

One of the main benefits of this treatment is that it requires no downtime, and helps you achieve your desired results without the pain, usually associated with such face shape enhancing treatments


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