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Semi-Permanent Ombre Eyebrows: The Solution To Fill Your Eyebrows For A Powdered Look

In semi-permanent omber eyebrow treatment, the eyebrow therapist creates a soft-shaded pencil look, and this gives your eyebrows depth and a gradient appearance. Ombre shading techniques are used to achieve this look, and in the treatment, the area from the eyebrow head to tail is shaded in a gradient manner to achieve a dramatic look. The semi-permanent ombre brow treatment helps to create an illusion of sharp arches and instantly enhances your facial features. In this treatment, we use brow mapping to draw the perfect eyebrow and so that you get a look at the results before the actual results. 

Brow mapping focuses on brow length, arch, and facial symmetry to create an eyebrow shape that syncs in harmony with the rest of your facial features. Defined eyebrows and sharp arches create a bold look and help you improve your overall confidence. The semi-permanent ombre brow treatment is a semi-permanent makeup trend that fills in your brows to give them a powdered gradient finish.

Treatment Process

Ombre shading involves the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigments onto the skin. In this process, the specialist will start with brow mapping to finalize a look and initiate the treatment. 

You should communicate the desired look and personal preferences to ensure that the final results are according to your expectations. Our eyebrow specialist will consider this while brow mapping to achieve a look of your choice. 

After the consultation and brow mapping, the eyebrow specialist will start the treatment and apply thousands of dots of pigment for a powdered finish. We will also use blending techniques to create a powdered ombre finish. 

Healing Period And Process

The healing process takes between two to three weeks, and during this time, you have to follow instructions for a speedy recovery carefully. Avoid activities that can cause sweating and stay away from intense skin treatments such as chemical peels and chemical exfoliation as this can hinder the healing process. Avoid excessive sun exposure and wear a hat or huge sunglasses while you are out in the sun. Do not scratch, wipe, or rub the treated areas; this can also interfere with the healing process. 


 It is a semi-permanent treatment, and hence it lasts for a long period when maintained appropriately. These results can last up to 2 years, and during this period you can also get touch-ups to maintain the condition of your eyebrows. 

The team at BROWZ will guide you throughout the entire process to ensure that we provide you with a tailored experience to your liking. 

Posted By Naomi Davis

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