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Natura Bisse Is Changing The Skin Game and Here’s How

For 4 years straight, the skin care brand Natura Bissé was voted by skincare experts and consumers as the ‘World’s Best Spa Brand’. Their range of skin care products are revolutionizing beauty treatments, helping women get their best skin. Ever since its founding in 1976, Natura Bissé has been a leading skincare brand which soared in popularity when it came to be used in professional skin care spas. Their partnership with expert aestheticians, and constant efforts to improve their products to cater to specific skin care needs have established them as a luxury skin care brand, and set a benchmark in the wellness sector. Here’s why Nature Bissé has emerged as a game changer in skin care technology.

Natura Bissé works with amino acid technology, and focuses primarily on using more natural ingredients in their products. Rooted in rigorous research, they try to find elements which can be used in various ways to produce visible impact and progress in the skin texture, glow and vitality.

Their famous line, the Diamond collection, is known to have been praised by the pop star Beyoncé in a song. The Diamond cream is one of the brand’s most famous products which smoothens the skin, and reduces visibility of fine wrinkles making your skin taut and supple. Its ingredients are intended to lift, and make the skin firm by encouraging skin revival, and generation of new skin cells. Similarly it boosts the production of collagen which plays a major role in strengthening the skin, increasing its elasticity and hydration. The results of this cream can be witnessed from the first usage. 

The Diamond cream is constituted by five key ingredients, each with a unique function.

  • Artemia salina, also known as brine shrimp extract, offers protection to the skin from the environment, and aids cell turnover. 
  • Ursolic acid is obtained from sage, and confers firmness to the skin by promoting collagen production. 
  • Sweet pea extracts help fight off free radicals, maintaining the skin’s elasticity, and keeping it soft.
  • The multivitamin complexes present in the cream, including vitamins B, C, E, and F gives it antioxidant effects. 
  • Oligo-collagen complex is a combination of copper, manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, and zinc along with collagen which hydrates and makes the skin firm.

Although their creams are one of the most popular products, their range of luxury spa line is widely used by high-end luxury beauty treatment brands. Natura Bissé facials come with the benefits of citrus essence, and aid in hydration, exfoliation and revitalization. Vitamin C contains high amounts of ascorbic acid which will improve your skin with its anto-oxidant properties. The Diamond cocoon treatment cleanses the skin of impurities, pollutants, and free radicals. It can undo the harmful effects of stress through a prebiotic treatment which allows your skin to regain the luster.  It has intense detoxifying abilities, and can hydrate your skin to give you the diamond-like radiance. Diamond Whitening is a flawless treatment that helps you attain clear and light skin, removing blemishes, uneven skin tone, and discoloration. It brightens dull skin, and gives a youthful sparkle. It brings together the right blend of acids to help your skin’s rejuvenation. 

The Inhibit collection has a face lift formulate used in the treatment which provides clinical results that fills, lifts and reforms your face. You can get that gentle exfoliation, and wrinkle free firmness with its ultra-concentrating neuropeptides that fastens your skin regeneration. It also enhances your skin structure, makes it plump, and elastic. It can give a definition to your jawline, by slimming, tightening and defining the contours of your face. This targeted sculpting treatment will help refine features on your face. Using 100% Bamboo fibers, and LED mask, the treatment gives the best results by focusing on the highest fat accumulated areas of the face, and cleansing your skin from inside out.

These range of advanced skin care treatments are increasingly becoming popular among women who favor pampering their skin. With Natura Bissé, redeeming your skin does not get easier! The Browz, a beauty treatment brand in Dubai offers the best skin care to achieve celebrity skin.

Posted By Naomi Davis

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