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Understand The Similarities And Differences Between Semi-Permanent Eyeliner And Shaded Eyeliner

Both semi-permanent eyeliner and shaded eyeliner are treatments that aim to create an eyeliner look to complement your facial features. The semi-permanent eyeliner appears like the conventional eyeliner; whereas, the shaded semi-permanent eyeliner looks different. The eyeliner style gradually fades off to create a shaded appearance. Despite being different kinds of the same makeup style, it has noticeable differences that enhance your appearance uniquely.

Both eyeliner treatments are semi-permanent and last for a longer period. The best part about these treatments is that you can free yourself from the everyday hassle of applying eyeliner, and instead, your eyes would be perfectly lined and ready to flaunt daily.

Similarities Between the Two Eyeliner Treatments

Some of the similarities between the two eyeliner treatments include:

  • Both eyeliner treatments are semi-permanent; hence the treatment results last for a long duration when appropriately maintained. The results can last up to two years, and during this period, you can also get touch-ups to ensure that your liner is in optimal condition. 
  • High-grade pigments and specialized tools are used to deliver the pigment on your lash line. Our specialists perform this, and we maintain the highest safety standards.
  • Skill and precision are essential to get the best results, and for this, we have experts with vast knowledge and experience from around the globe to help you achieve your desired look.  

Differences Between the Two Eyeliner Treatments

In the semi-permanent eyeliner technique, we apply the pigment on the top of the lower lash line to boost your appearance and highlight your eyes. You can also opt for pigments on both upper and lower lash lines if you want a bold, dramatic appearance. However, the shaded eyeliner has a unique style, and the results appear like a shaded, gradient look that progresses from the start of the lash line to the end. 

While semi-permanent eyeliner has a basic style, the shaded eyeliner has a unique style. However, you can easily carry the basic style daily, especially if you prefer natural-looking results. In shaded eyeliner, our specialists use unique strokes, colours, and thicknesses to highlight the eyes and to give you a unique result of your choice. Still, the basic eyeliner has a simple style and does not involve or include different options. 

The basic eyeliner is mostly thin, whereas the shaded eyeliner is a little thicker than the usual style. The thickness will again depend on your eye shape and structure. 

The simple eyeliner is completed with a process known as tight-lining, in which the pigmentation is applied between individual eyelashes to give it a sharp look. However, shaded eyeliner requires subtle shading to create a soft eyeliner look.

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Posted By Naomi Davis

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