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Brows   |   September 15, 2021

Jawline Define Treatment: A Holistic Solution For Asymmetrical Face

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Many people wish for symmetrical faces because we perceive balance as attractive. While there are many solutions to help correct any unevenness in your face, the most common ones revolve around surgery. However, an innovative procedure that is non-invasive and beneficial for your overall well-being is the Jawline Define Treatment. This article will explore this treatment in depth.

What is a Jawline Define treatment?

It is a type of Natura Bisse treatment that uses expert techniques and products to define your jawline. This procedure has no side effects, and the methods and tools used are completely safe. The treatment is made with 100% natural bamboo fibres, including an LED mask. It offers a 360-degree inclusive result by focusing on the areas of your face that contain the highest accumulation of fat. The procedure is entirely pain-free and non-invasive, taking less than an hour to complete. 

How useful is it for asymmetry?

Facial asymmetry can occur for various reasons, including inflammation, injury, ageing, smoking, and fat deposits. The latter can occur due to poor diet and sleep deprivation. As the jawline define treatment helps target areas that accumulate fat and slim them down; if the unevenness is caused due to excess fat, it will be possible for you to combat it effectively. 

What are the benefits of the treatment?

It restores balance to the chin.

The chin is the centre point of your face, and if it is uneven, it can offset the balance of the rest of your features. Your jawline meets at the chin, and if there is a fat buildup in this part, it will look crooked instead of sharp and symmetrical. The Jawline define treatment can help burn excess fat, toning the jaw, and make it even. 

It impacts your overall well-being.

Other methods of treatment do not heavily consider your overall mental and physical wellbeing. Surgeries can be traumatic and affect you significantly after the procedure. Excessive use of dermal fillers can result in long-term damage, such as detaching facial fat pads and causing unevenness. You may look unnatural, and your self-esteem could become significantly affected.

Natura Bissé facial treatments are focused on holistic benefits. While the treatment aims to contour your jawline, it uses techniques that make you feel relaxed and satisfied. The environment is designed to be calm and serene and the tools used are non-invasive and do not compromise your comfort. Massages included can help release endorphins that will improve your mood and enhance your overall physical and mental well-being.

It does not permanently alter your face.

Most treatments that target unevenness are meant to have permanent results. While this looks beneficial on the surface, in reality, it means you will not be able to revert it if you later change your mind. Jawline define treatments that use natural techniques and do not permanently alter your features.

At BROWZ in Dubai, our beauty solutions will ensure you can achieve facial symmetry safely. Contact us to consult our experienced specialists and find out more about our Jawline Define treatment.

Posted By Naomi Davis

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