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Brows   |   September 08, 2021

Achieving Definition: Effective Non-surgical Methods To Reduce Double Chin

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Facial features play a massive role in the way you value and feel about yourself. If you love the way you look, you will feel empowered and ready to face the world. A double chin is one of the reasons that cause you to feel anxious about your appearance. There is a wide range of less invasive treatments to improve the definition of your chin. This article will give you a clear guideline on how to get rid of a double chin.

Natura Bissé

Natura Bissé is a treatment that reduces your double chin while toning facial features. This treatment utilises tools to manipulate and sculpt your facial muscles while hydrating your skin and revitalising it. A wide range of procedures come under this, but the one that primarily helps you define your chin is the jawline define treatment. 

This procedure offers inclusive results that will be long-lasting. It uses specialised tools to target your face areas that require sculpting. The treatment helps you reduce fat collected in your chin while tightening and defining contours to give you a sharp jawline. 

Face Fitness

Face fitness treatment is a popular procedure available today to reduce double chin. It uses techniques and skincare products to sculpt, tone, and contour facial muscles. Our professionals will give your face a mini-workout, which allows you to burn fat and reduce toxins through lymphatic drainage. Your skin will also improve in elasticity. Cardio and stretching massages help stimulate blood circulation, boost collagen production in your body and provide a dramatic lift to your facial muscles. 

This treatment is effective because a double chin occurs when a layer of fat develops below the chin, and the skin loses elasticity. By targeting the accumulated fat and improving your skin’s ability to stretch and return to its original shape, your chin will become slim and toned.

Regular workouts

Excess fat deposits are responsible for a double chin; hence, the most effective solution is to engage in a regular workout. When you exercise, you will burn calories and fat throughout your body, making your skin more toned and elastic. This change affects your chin and facial muscles, making them more defined. When selecting an exercise, it is best to choose a program that you can follow regularly. If you find it challenging to commit to high impact workouts, choose a low impact one such as jogging that you can easily incorporate into your routine. 

Dietary changes

Changes to diet can help burn your excess fat so that you can obtain a slimmer chin. Preferably you need to have a calorie deficit, where you burn more calories than you consume. To achieve this, you should lower the number of calories consumed daily and drink more fluids to help remove fat and toxins. Dietary changes alone can take very long to give you the desired results, so you need to combine it with a facial treatment and regular exercise. 

At BROWZ, our Natura Bissé facial and Face Fitness treatments can help you successfully achieve a slim and defined chin. Contact us to consult our experts and find out which procedure is best suited for you. 

Posted By Naomi Davis

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