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Eyelash Extensions 101 – Frequently Asked Questions

Long voluminous lashes add an instant charm to your face. They enhance facial features and exhibit a gorgeous appearance. Long, luscious lashes are highly desirable, but not all of us have naturally thick eyelashes. While some are blessed with long lashes, others have to resort to the everyday hassle of wearing mascaras and lash conditioners. 

The advent of eyelash extensions and eyebrow treatments have come as a boon to many as they deliver beautiful lashes and fuller brows. Eyelash extensions are artificial, synthetic lashes that are individually attached to natural lashes to add volume and length. 


  • Our expert technician will firstly clean your lashes.
  • An eye pad is then placed under each eye.
  • A specialized non-irritating glue is then applied, and extensions are attached to each lash with precision.

These extensions give your lashes the desired volume and length. We have two categories of extensions. You can either opt for a natural look with the Classic extension or a dramatic look with the Russian Volume lashes. In the Classic technique, one extension is attached to one natural lash whereas, in the Russian Volume extensions from 2D to 6D are attached to each natural lash.  

The extensions are attached strand by strand and made from soft, durable material, which causes no discomfort. 

Why Get Eyelash Extensions? 

These extensions are made from soft, durable material and ensure comfort. They appear and feel completely natural. It relieves you from having to apply mascara every day, and the extensions are worn like natural lashes. They can withstand water, and you can continue to perform your regular activities. The best part is that the entire process is relatively pain-free. 

Are Eyelash Extensions Long-Lasting?

Eyelash extensions ideally last as long as the natural lashes. For an average person, this duration is between 4 to 6 weeks. However, the durability will depend on other factors such as lifestyle, skin type, lash growth cycle, and eye makeup used. It is best to get a refill every 2 to 4 weeks so that you can refill rather than having to restore the entire lash line with new extensions. 

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

The entire procedure is safe and pain-free. We use a non-irritating adhesive to attach the extension on the eyelashes. The extensions will not harm or cause the lashes to fall out. The lashes usually have a lifetime of 6 weeks, and so do the extensions. It is best to regularly use a lash serum when using extensions to keep the eyelash hydrated and moisturized. 

How Long Does The Process Take?

The entire process takes between 1 to 2.5 hours, but this again differs from person to person. Long, thick lashes will require more time compared to short, thin lashes. 

Is The Procedure Suitable For All?

Extensions are generally suitable for all candidates and require very little maintenance. They can withstand most conditions and are a comfortable option that provides long-term results. 

Eyelash extensions may not be the best option for the below conditions: 

  • For those who have had an allergic reaction to the adhesive.
  • For those who have recently had cosmetic eye surgery or treatment done.
  • For those with sensitive skin conditions.

Contact our team at BROWZ to get an overview of some of our popular eyebrow treatments and solutions. We have trained professionals from the UK who are certified to enhance your eyebrows


Posted By Naomi Davis

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