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Brow Lamination: The Eyebrow Trend That Is Here To Stay

Brow lamination is a treatment procedure where the artist tames the unruly hair and sets them in place to give it a combed, slick effect. It is also called a brow lift or brow-sculpt and is like a perm for the eyebrows. The procedure is designed to give the illusion of fuller, defined brows. 

The eyebrow hair is settled into place to produce a voluminous, feathery look. It is the latest trend in the beauty industry as it gives you perfectly done and enhanced brows for a period of six to eight weeks. The procedure originated from Russia and is a comparatively non-invasive replacement for microblading. 


During the initial consultation at the eyebrow clinic, the artist will determine the right shape and style for your face. This is an important step during which the artist will analyze the facial aesthetics to get the accurate shape. 

After the shape and style have been finalized a lifting balm is applied to make the eyebrow hair straight and uniform; this is firmly kept in place with a cling film. 

In the next step of the brow lamination treatment , the excess product is removed and a volumizing solution is applied to hydrate the brows.  

Lastly a natural-looking tint can be applied according to your needs to finish off with a neat look. This is topped with a nourishing serum to give your brows the extra care 


This particular eyebrow treatment enhances the eyebrow hair to give it a thicker, fuller, and combed appearance. Since the procedure gives your eyebrows the groomed look, the hassle of routinely fixing your eyebrow is solved. 


This treatment is ideal for people who have unruly eyebrows and also for those who have sparse eyebrows with gaps . Brow lamination helps achieve the trending feathery brows in very little time. 

The process may dry your eyebrows, so it is advisable to constantly oil and brush them. This will help reduce the dryness and keep the brows hydrated. Any facial oil or castor oil can be used for this purpose.

One frequent query regarding brow lamination is about its safety and side effects. Like any other procedure, the safety of the procedure is ensured when done by expert professionals who are highly skilled to carry out the treatment. The lifting solution could cause damage if left for longer than required, as over-processing can lead to frazzled brows. 

The secret to keeping your brows nourished is by strictly moisturizing with a strong oil to replenish the brow hair. The oil moisturizing acts like a conditioner and helps maintain brows over time. 

Sometimes the procedure can slightly lighten the brow hair and in such cases you always have the option of a light tint application to restore your brows to their full glory. 

Safety and results need not be a concern when the treatment is carried out by specialized technicians fluent with the procedure. This quick treatment can give you voluminous, feathery brows that last for 6-8 weeks. 

At BROWZ, we have numerous eyebrow artists who are experts in the field of brow lamination. The salon is equipped with the latest brow technology and is an acclaimed brow bar attending to the newest trends in the beauty industry. 

Posted By Naomi Davis

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