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Brows   |   July 28, 2022

Are Ombre Brows A Tattoo?

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One of the main concerns people have in getting ombre brows is understanding if it’s a tattoo and if it is so how is it any different from a traditional tattoo. To sort this doubt out we gathered some expert insights from a leading eyebrow clinic in Dubai and here is what they have to say.

Ombre Brows Are A Semi-Permanent Tattoo

Yes ombre brows are a semi-permanent tattoo that takes a different approach than traditional eyebrow tattooing; microblading. Its for this reason ombre brows are more specifically defined as an eyebrow tattoo styling technique and are referred to a variety or division of microblading.

In microblading the tattoo is deposited into the skin in fine, short strokes resembling hair, using a hand tool formed of tiny needles. Whereas for ombre brows the tattooing is done using a machine. This is the major difference between traditional eyebrow tattooing (microblading) vs ombre brows.

It’s also believed that the technique used for ombre brows are less invasive than that of microblading. However remember that both are a type of tattoo that gives semi-permanent brows.


Even though both microblading and ombre brows are different tattooing styles, they both give out a different appearance. With microblading or the standard eyebrow tattooing only a certain level of fullness can be achieved. Whereas for ombre brows the level of fullness and density is higher.

For ombre brows the tatoo can be layered unlike with microblading, setting no limit to how much density you can get. The color of your choice is evenly distributed throughout the desired eyebrow shape giving fuller coverage as required.

The end result for an ombre styled eyebrow tattooing will resemble having your eyebrow filled with tropical eyebrow makeup. Depending on the style you prefer you can get this tattoo done softly to retain a more natural look , or go extra with more layers to give you a fully-done , glam look.

Lasts Longer

Ombre brows last 1.5-5 years in contrast to typical eyebrow tattooing which only lasts for 1-2 years. This is mainly because traditional eyebrow tattooing has less color saturation to your skin. So the more color you lose the more you will notice it fading and thereby requiring a retouch. As ombre brows are tattooed with more layers they are less notable when fading for a considerable duration.

Combining Traditional Eyebrow Tattooing With Ombre Style

Also called “Hybrid Brows” nowadays it has become a popular choice to combine the traditional eyebrow tattooing with ombre brows. It’s the perfect way to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to eyebrow tattooing.

Usually for this style microblading hair strokes are placed near the front of your eyebrows and along the top of your eyebrow shape. The ombre style is shaded throughout the center of your eyebrow and along the bottom arch.

Hybrid brows are a great eyebrow tattooing style if you want to add some density to your microblading without worrying about adding too much glam, if a more makeup look is not your style.

Posted By Naomi Davis

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