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What Mascara Wand Suits Your Lash Type

If you want longer, fuller, or more dramatic-looking lashes, the right mascara wand can make the magic happen. Brands that sell mascara always mention that their formula can give you your desired results however, we can tell you the real secret lies in the different mascara wands! The shape and sizes of the wand can be altered to give you your desired effect regardless of the formula. We’re here to tell you how to achieve your desired effect whether it may be volume or length based on your lash type.

With mascara, the ideal wand can help you accentuate your lashes and feel your best. Here’s how to find the perfect mascara brush for your lash type:

Straight eyelashes

The best way to create lustrous, radiant eyelashes when you have straight eyelashes is with a curved brush. You’ll instantly look more snatched and your eyelashes will be lifted as a result. With an eyelash curler, you can lengthen the curve to create a more dramatic appearance. As a result of the caffeine and biotin combination, formulas with botanical infusions will quickly lengthen your lashes. With bristles to separate and comb your lashes for more volume, curved mascara wands can help your straight lashes maintain the ideal curl.

Short eyelashes

A thin mascara wand with pointed bristles that latches onto each lash can create the illusion of longer lashes. These mascara wands enable the appearance of longer and fuller eyelashes. Products that include vitamin B5 will aid in nourishing your lashes, keeping them soft and defined while giving you a glamorous appearance. Utilizing an hourglass-shaped wand might help you achieve the faux lash effect you’re looking for.

Sparse eyelashes

The perfect mascara wand for sparse lashes would be hourglass-shaped to lengthen and thicken them. These wands’ feathered bristles and spherical bases may give them a fuller, thicker appearance. With these types of lashes, gel formulas work best to achieve the most volume and enhance the curling appearance.

Curly Lashes and Thin Eyelashes

The ideal situation would be for your lashes to thicken in volume if they are curly and thin. Using an extra-large brush would aid in increasing volume from the root to the tip of your eyelash. Your eyelashes can be nourished and made thicker with the help of fiber-enhanced solutions that contain keratin components. To increase volume and definition, use a brush with rectangular bristles. Wiggle your lashes from the roots to the tips if you want to give them more volume.

Applying mascara can be challenging, especially if you’re looking for a speedy daily makeup routine. There are frequent chances that mascaras may become excessively clumpy or perhaps smear quickly (even waterproof ones). Living in hot climates where sweating is a given, constantly re-applying mascara is not idealistic. An easier solution to this would be to get lash treatments like extensions or an eyelash lift. These simple procedures would enable you to show off your most flawless eye looks without having to worry about reapplying your mascara all the time. BROWZ is a reputable salon in Dubai that can meet your needs for enhancing your eyelashes to give you that opulent volumizing appeal. Their lash lift procedures would aid in nourishing and defining your lashes without the intensive use of chemicals or formulas. To get the glamorous lashes of your dreams, Book an appointment with BROWZ now!


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