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Brows   |   July 14, 2019

Different Types Of Eyebrows You Must Know About

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As kids, we have all learned about our facial features where even out eyebrows had its own function. They protect our eyes from the dirt and dust, which ends up getting collected between these hairs. But who realized that eyebrows actually play such a huge rule apart from protecting our eyes?

Eyebrows are one of the most trending features now and you can literally see everyone spending a measurable time to draw or define their eyebrows. One such technique that helps in giving your eyebrows a better look is the technique called microblading. Microblading is an art of adding pigment strokes to your eyebrows, giving it thicker and darker texture. And this has created a huge relief amongst many women who were worried about the shape and the density of their eyebrows. Perfectly shaped eyebrows give your face a different look by enhancing your features. But did you know that these eyebrows tend to look different depending upon the shape of one’s face? Let us go through some of the types of eyebrows for ranges of face shapes:

Short And Cute

Have you come across short eyebrows that are extremely cute to look at? Even though these may seem cute, it mostly depends upon the face these eyebrows are perched upon. This eyebrow type perfectly suits elongated or oval face shape. 

Rounded Arches With A Soft Touch

This is another common set of eyebrows people usually opt for because there are a lot of women with a heart shaped face. And these soft rounded eyebrows somehow perfectly fit this face. Women with such a face-shape will usually have sharp features and these rounded arches will complement these features and create a perfect look. 

Angled Peaks

Many women are a fan of these eyebrows and you can see celebrities sporting them too, it will create a touch to your winged eye-liner as well. This creates a strong look for your face and suits the best for a face that is in the shape of a square. Though women try to contour their face to make it look more elongated, creating a sharp angle to your peaks will do the right thing for your face. You can also opt for microblading at Browz that works well by adding thickness and more colour to them.

Contoured and Settled

Do you sit and work hard towards contouring your eyebrows, taming them and keeping them well-balanced? Microblading can sort this out for you. If you have an oval face shape, then a contoured and well-balanced set of eyebrows will look best on them. This is also known as one of the perfect shapes because it gives you a youthful look. But it all depends upon your features, whether if you should opt for a thicker or slimmer shape. 

Longer Angled Arches

If you have a face that’s round and chubby then these longer set of angled eyebrows will give you a more defined look. If you’ve always wanted to make your face look more oval-like with the help of makeup, then you can consider opting for these eyebrows as it adds more definition to your face.

Straight And Unbent

These eyebrows without any sharp arches or angled peaks will look best on faces that are in the shape of a diamond. It’s not recommended by eyebrow experts to go for an arched look for this certain shape as it tends to exaggerate the length of your face. 

If you’re unsure about which eyebrows suit the best for you, talk to our microblading expert who will help you with selecting the right shape for your face. 

Posted By Naomi Davis

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