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Brows   |   March 28, 2023

Best Eyebrow Shapes For A Round Face

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With so many bizarre brow styles currently trending on Instagram, it might be challenging to choose which eyebrow style accentuates your face shape the most. Yet, it’s one facial feature that acts as a sign of the times. There are numerous brow styles to pick from, including the pencil-thin brows of the 1990s and the current bushy brow trend.

Your eyebrow shape has the power to frame your eyes elegantly, give proportion to your face, and accentuate your features whether you prefer minimum makeup or full-on glam.

Thus, today we’re here to assist you in determining the ideal brow form for a round face. This is everything you need to know if you are a member of the round-faced group and want to make your way to the A+ arches.

Best Eyebrow Shape For Round Face

If you want to know the ideal shape of the eyebrow for a round face, it’s best to opt for a brow shape that highlights your natural features and slows down your face. You can use micro waxing strips or regular threading to shape your brows. So be cautious when doing your brows because the improper brow form can completely sabotage your appearance.

Since you have a round face, choosing a brow shape that accentuates and defines your facial features while also defining your bone structure is best. The six types of brow shapes are rounded, flat, curved, challenging, and soft-angled. The following three brow shapes work best for those with round faces among the aforementioned brow types. Keep scrolling!


Sharp or high arches can provide the desired result of lengthening your face. Avoid styles with a mild or soft arch since they might make the face appear rounder. Hard-angled brows will elevate your eye makeup skills.

How to create It?

You can consult a face gym in Dubai, to help keep your brow line straight until it reaches the tip, and then it should be lowered toward the outside corners. High arches serve to widen the eyes, making them appear larger and slenderizing the face. In this instance, the distance between your brows and your nose makes your face appear thinner.


For people with round facial shapes, softly angled eyebrows look best. Making soft curves and peaks is necessary for the soft-angled shape. Your arches can be as high or as long as you choose. For round-face forms, high arches are preferable because they make the face appear longer and thinner. It also gives off a younger appearance.

How to create It?

The rough and soft angled forms give the circular face shapes a delicate appearance. The design is straight with a tiny curvature at the top and bottom corners, resembling a slimmer face.

S-Shaped Brow

More or less straight in line, the contour curls around the summit. It follows a path that is slightly bent and descends. This eyebrow shape has a rounded angle, making the round face appear longer. This eyebrow style for a round face resembles the letter S, as the name would imply. It is appropriate for people whose faces combine curves and angles. It’s one of the finest brow styles available for round faces.

How to create It?

The high-arched brow form and the S-shaped arches are extremely similar. Maintain a straight line between your brows and the tip of your nose to give it a tiny curvature. Or with the help of a professional and reliable eyebrow clinic in Dubai, you can mimic the look of the flawless look of an S-shaped brow without any extra effort.

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