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Brows   |   July 07, 2022

5 Instagrammable Eyeliner Trends

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Although it’s fair to think that eyeliner is eyeliner, how can it get trendy? But here’s what you don’t know about the makeup world, just like how fashion has seasons, so does make-up. If you just look back at how the makeup industry has evolved over the years you will be able to agree with this. As a leading eyebrow clinic in Dubai, here are 5 instagrammable eyeliner trends that we see are taking a spotlight among many makeup artists and professionals.


It seems that for the makeupholics 2022 is all about elegant everyday looks that is a hybrid of subtle and glam. Especially when considering most of us haven’t really got the chance to wear makeup due to the recent pandemic outbreak, a pastel shade of eyeliner seems to have become the perfect way to ease back into makeup. Moreover as pastels can be worked up and down depending on your style and event, it’s also seen as a very versatile eyeliner style.

The Floating Crease

This is an eyeliner style that has become ultra-popular among many makeupholics. It’s basically a normal eyeliner with a boost of floating crease on the top. While many improvise this style and bring out different looks, the most popular we’ve been seeing is where you draw a standard black eyeliner with a pop of color on top or you can go with a neon eyeliner with a matching floating color on top.

Extended Lines

The recent instagram eyeliner trends have been showing us that one line has become rather outdated. Recent eyeliner styles have become flexible or rather creative with number, length, and even the position of the eyeliner lines. The best part about this instagrammable eyeliner is that there is no fixed rule or method for this. Most fashion influencers and makeup artists have got way too comfortable in experimenting this style with a touch of their own taste. Two to three extended lines are seen more commonly for this eyeliner style. It’s also often paired with a cat eyeliner style.

Minimal Glam

If there is an eyeliner trend that’s equally hyped up as a semi-permanent eyeliner in recent times it has to be this minimal glam look. It takes the look of a mix of broken geometrics with a pop of glam but is minimal and can be done within less than 5 minutes. You just have to draw any random line, curve, or angle that is strategically placed on the inner, outer, or middle of the eyelid to bring out an all-natural look. This is one of those every instagrammable eyeliner trends, especially for those who don’t want to go overboard but just need a little touch of drama.

Inner Corner Style

It often seems like we ignore the inner corners when it comes to eyelinering. But the 2022 eyeliner trends seems to have kicked out this trend with an inner corner style that has no eye space left behind. To get this look you need to start off at the center and draw a line inwards while extending it to the end of your lash line at the tear duct. Then continue to draw the eyeliner like you normally do all the way up to your upper lash line. If you want to upgrade a more bold look to this style consider eyelash extensions or add a simple geometric line or shape to the inside lid above the crease.

Posted By Naomi Davis

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