Flow Brows As A Revolutionary Solution For The Modern Woman

Flow brows are a revolutionary technique that has gained significant prominence recently in the UAE. Developed by Natalia Martins, this microblading procedure has become the go-to solution for modern women suffering from brow loss. Here, we will explain why.

How do you get flow brows?

Unlike other microblading procedures, flow brows utilize a thinner, more flexible blade that allows us to create natural-looking brows using slim flowing strokes. This procedure is semi-permanent and can last between six to eight months. A follow-up session after 30 days will typically be required to ensure that the pigment in your skin has healed. At this time, we may also add extra strokes to enhance your brows even further.

Why are they the best solution for modern women?

Well-defined brows are considered a mark of elegance and a sign of good maintenance. When eyebrows become thin, they leave gaps and lose their shape.The traditional way to fill your brows and shape them was through makeup. While various products are available, perfectly applying them can be a hassle, especially with a busy schedule. As flow brows eliminate the daily requirement to define eyebrows, flow brows are considered an attractive, stress-free solution.

What are the benefits of flow brows?

They do not have to be applied daily.

Unlike usual brow products, you can’t take off your microbladed brows at night with the rest of your make-up. The pigments last for several months, ensuring that your eyebrows always look their best. This can save much time in your morning routine, as properly filling in brows using makeup can take between 15 to 45 minutes.

They do not require removal.

In typical tattoos, pigments are inserted into the dermis layer of your skin; however, flow brows are applied on the topmost layer of your skin which allows it to naturally fade. It will not be necessary for you to clear your schedule and make an appointment for pigmentation removal.

They look natural

Flow brows use nano blading techniques to achieve thin strokes that mimic real hair more accurately, your brows will look natural.

Your brows will heal quickly.

After the procedure, your brows will typically be dark, and the skin will be reddened. With an aftercare routine, the brows can heal within two weeks, and the colour will lighten to a more natural tone within this timeframe. You will also be able to continue life as normal because the procedure is painless and non-invasive.

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