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Uncover The Numerous Benefits Of Semi-Permanent Lip Blush

Semi-permanent lip blush, or lip blushing as it is commonly called, is a relatively recent cosmetic enhancement procedure that has gained a significant following globally. We will explore this trending treatment and the numerous benefits you can gain from it.

What is Lip Blush?

It is a treatment that semi-permanently enhances your lip colour by depositing coloured ink into your lips through a mechanical needle. We use a swift and consistent hand motion and a needle to create several dots that mimic natural colour. It is considered to be similar to pepper-shading and whip-shading techniques that are prominent in traditional tattooing. 

What are the benefits?

It is long-lasting

The resulting tattoo can last up to two to three years and gives your lips colour that is flattering to your skin tone. It also fades naturally, so you will not have to undergo a removal process. Many women opt for this procedure as it allows them to have beautiful lips without frequent touch ups. 

The results look natural.

As the pigmentation technique used in the procedure involves a series of dots and not lines, the final results look realistic and have a subtle finish. While you can decide on the colour shade and vibrancy, the finish resembles a stain or balm. 

It is convenient

This is possibly why several women choose to undergo this treatment; semi-permanent lip blush is convenient and time-friendly. While the initial session can take a few hours, you can significantly cut down on the amount of time spent applying lip colour products afterwards. Many choose to forego wearing lipsticks in the morning entirely as the lip blush tint is flattering and does not need any enhancements. 

It is painless.

Many feel comfortable during the treatment as we apply a numbing ointment to your lips to minimize discomfort and pain before the procedure. However, if your pain threshold is low, you could take acetaminophen before the session. There will be some bruising and swelling afterwards, but this will reduce within a few days, and your lips will heal normally.

Your lips will look fuller.

The techniques used in the treatment will allow your lips to look fuller and poutier without the need for injectable fillers or surgery. It is due to the pigments being deposited throughout the lips allowing the outline to look more defined and vibrant. 

You can still wear lipsticks

One of the primary benefits of the treatment is that it gives you the freedom to layer on lipsticks of your choice. Any lip product you apply will glide on smoothly, as the texture of your lips will not be affected. While the lip blush could affect the way some lipstick colours appear, this can be easily fixed by applying some foundation to your lips beforehand.

Lip blush is a brilliant solution for those who want hassle-free and gorgeous lips that are easy to maintain. There are also many colour options available, so you can pick the one that flatters you best. For more information regarding this semi-permanent treatment, contact us at BROWZ Dubai, and our specialists will help you. 

Posted By Naomi Davis

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