Lash Lift   |   October 28, 2022

Simple Rules For Long-Lasting Lash Lifts

Lash lifts have become the new popular addition to semi-permanent makeup for people looking for longer-looking, curled lashes that look natural. The treatment adds a luscious curl from the base to the tip of your eyelashes using a silicone rod and perming solution. The result is an effortless, make-up-free look that saves you from the daily hassle of styling and perfecting your lashes.

With proper care, your lash lifts will last up to 8 weeks, slightly longer than lash extensions. But how do you give them the proper aftercare to make them long-lasting and looking great without running the risk of ruining the effect? To help you out,, we have compiled a set of simple rules you can follow to make your lash lifts stay fresh for longer.

Skip the water and makeup for 24 hours

It’s a thumb rule that you should avoid water and any other makeup product 24 hours after you get your lash lifts. This is when your lashes bond, set and hardens to give you the expected look. So you want to provide minimal interference at this time.

It is also best to skip washing your face with water, wetting your lashes, using eye makeup, harsh cleaners, or any other lash products. Doing these within 24 hours post-procedure can weaken the bond and cause the lashes to droop sooner than they should.

Use Only Gentle And Mild Skincare Products

Some lash experts recommend those getting lash lifts stick to gentler skincare products that won’t irritate the eye or skin or interact with the bond. Especially in the eye area, it’s good to space out intense skincare products in your routine for a while. Following this is important if you have sensitive skin.

Invest In A Quality Lash Serum Or Conditioner

Any form of chemical or harsh facial treatment can have a drying effect on your eyes, so it’s essential to practice proper general lash care to help your hair follicles recover and maintain a healthy look to your lash lifts. Try using lash serums or conditioners – we especially recommend M2 beaute’s lash serum. It can really make your lashes softer, supple, and healthy and make your lifts last much longer.

Avoid Waterproof Mascara With Your Lash Lift

Stay away from any waterproof mascara products that are impossible to remove. Normally waterproof mascara formulas stick strongly to your lashes and require a lot of rubbing to remove them fully. It is best to just stick to a regular gentle mascara that is easy to remove.

Brush Your Lashes Every Day With A Spoolie

To avoid the lifts from getting tangled, take a few minutes every day to gently brush out your lashes with a spoolie. It helps in keeping your lashes looking fluffy, neat, and defined. If you don’t have a spoolie, clean an old mascara wand and use that instead.

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