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How Laminating Your Eyebrows Can Provide A Natural Brow Lift

Thicker, fuller, and voluminous eyebrows are the latest trends in the beauty industry. Eyebrow lamination is a treatment, which gives all of these results. The beauty of this technique is that it fills gaps, combs the brow hair towards a uniform direction, and gives it a lifted appearance. 

During the procedure, you can also select a tint of your choice. With this, you can choose to go dark or light according to your preferences. This eyebrow treatment is appreciated because it uses lifting solutions to lift existing hair and give it a combed appearance. There is no artificial pigment tattooed or drawn on the eyebrows. It produces all the results you wish for without the use of invasive techniques.

Lifting Balm Solution

There is a secret ingredient behind every beauty treatment; in an eyebrow lamination treatment, the secret is a lifting balm. This lifting balm serves to straighten and uniformly, direct the brow hair towards a single direction. Not everyone is blessed with a thick set of brows, but an eyebrow lamination is a natural alternative to straighten, fill and tint your existing brow hair. 

Brow Lamination Vs. Brow Lift

Since the treatment tends to give the eyebrow a lifted appearance, the final results closely resemble that of a brow lift. The brow lift is a surgical procedure, which reduces wrinkles, fine lines and lifts the eyebrow, whereas lamination treatments use a chemical solution to lift the brows. Eyebrow laminations are the popular alternative as it gives some of the same results without invasive measures. It is a cheaper and safer option for a lot of people who want a natural lift.

The steps in an eyebrow lamination include:

  • The eyebrow artist will initially clean and prepare the brows to assess the shape. After the shape and color are assessed, we will discuss some of the best options based on your facial features. 
  • In the next step, the artist will apply the lifting balm, comb the brow hair, and cover with a cling film. 
  • While combing the hair, the technician ensures that the hair is directed uniformly and the gaps are filled.
  • This solution is retained for a few minutes after which the excess product is removed. The duration differs from individual to individual and is based on the condition of the brow hair.
  • A volumizing solution is then applied to sufficiently hydrate the eyebrow hair. 
  • Once the products are removed, you have the option of applying a tint to give your brows a fuller and thick appearance. There are light and dark tints you can select from. The technician will proceed according to your suggestions. It is advisable to opt for a lighter tint; however, you can opt for a darker one if you are aiming for a dramatic, bold look.
  • The process is concluded with the application of a nourishing serum to give the eyebrow a healthy appearance. 

The expert advice is to steer clear from eyebrow products 24 hours after the treatment. Also, make sure to avoid touching the eyebrow excessively after treatment. 

Eyebrow lamination is a simple treatment that achieves perfect lifted brows in very little time. This non-invasive procedure delivers fluffy, feathery brows. It is a favorite among many because of its convenience and safety. Go natural with a brow lamination!


Posted By Naomi Davis

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