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Nano Brows   |   November 21, 2022

Here’s Why Nano Brows Are The Next Best Thing In Eyebrow Treatments

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The last decade caught a major spotlight on brow trends in the beauty and cosmetic industry. It started slowly with the super-sculpted fluffy brows you couldn’t escape from seeing in your Instagram feed- even if you tried. Then came the super thin, sharply defined arch, which reciprocated more with the 90’s beauty trends. And now we see the hype about bleached eyebrows.

However, despite all these variations in brow looks, one thing that’s remained relatively constant is microblading. This semi-permanent brow treatment saves women from the hassle of doing their eyebrows. It especially gained popularity among those with sparse or uneven eyebrows, including cancer patients and those experiencing health conditions like trichotillomania or alopecia.

However, microblading wasn’t everyone’s favorite and was not ideal not for all skin types. This is when nanoblading, a new and redefined version of semi-permanent eyebrow treatment to compensate for microblading, came in. They became an instant hit among those who prefer a no-makeup, subtle look on their eyebrows.

Nano Brows – “The Ultra-Precise Brow Treatment”

This procedure is an enhanced version of microblading, a cosmetic tattooing procedure done using a hand-held blade. Nanoblading uses an ultra-slender, flexible single “nano needle” to create strokes that replicate your natural hair almost indistinguishably.

Your brow artist will use a nanoneedle machine similar to a tattoo gun to deposit pigments deeper in the epidermis – the top layer of the skin, filling in any gaps between your eyebrows or creating the eyebrow look you need. This is in contrast to microblading, which deposits pigments superficially on the epidermis.

And because nanoblading uses a machine guided by a technician who will apply consistent pressure through the procedure, the results are more consistent in color and style and fades the same way – feeling very natural.

The process takes anywhere from 1-2 hours on average. Depending on your maintenance, nanobrows can last up to 12 months.

What Makes It Different

One of the main reasons nano brows are taking over microblading and are now becoming the next best thing in eyebrow trends is their suitability for anyone. Microblading is suitable only for those with firm, normal-to-dry skin, as these skin types will better hold on to the color.

Nanoblading is suitable for anyone, even those with oily and sensitive skin. It also provides an instant, long-lasting solution for those experiencing hair loss due to aging or any other medical condition. The simplicity and the non-invasive nature of the procedure, along with the low maintenance required, further add up to the cost-value ratio.

The final results make the eyebrows look near-natural to one’s hair follicles almost indistinguishably, so the name “nano” brows. This is another crucial factor influencing the demand for nanoblading as a perfect substitute for microblading – and will continue to see a favorable demand in the semi-permanent makeup industry in years to come.

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