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5 Reasons To Say Yes To Eyelash Extensions

It’s almost the end of 2019 and eyelash extensions are still a hot trend. If you have thought of them but haven’t tried them out yet, this is the right time. You might already have friends who tried them and rocked the look, so why shy away from all the glamour and attention? 

We understand that a lot of women doubt whether eyelash extensions would look good on them. There are also others who worry it may ruin their natural lashes. Keeping all the doubts and rumors at bay, here are five reasons you should get your extensions and flaunt them in all their glory.

  1. Stop spending time and money on heavy eye makeup

Easily, one of the best reasons for you or any woman to get eyelash extensions is so you can finally say sayonara to heavy eye makeup! The time, expense and hassle involved in decking up yourself with a heavy eye makeup routine is simply not worth it; especially if you are a working woman with busy days.

The need to perfect that cat’s eye or do a smokey eye to cover up for the lack of definition of your eye can be solved with the right kind of lash extensions! With lash extensions, you get those perfect dark curled lashes that can define your eyes. Keep away those mascaras and heavy liners to show off your dreamy eyes in their almost natural form. 

  1. Lash extensions make your eyes look younger

We are not kidding! As you age, your face will start getting fine lines and wrinkles. One of the biggest reasons for this is the lack of optimal hydration in your skin. Makeup products however not only cover them up but also steal additional moisture from the skin, which is not the most ideal solution for your skin. 

Once your eyelash extensions are in, you will automatically avoid the use of most eye make up, including mascara and heavy liners, which will help maintain optimal hydration of your eye area. This, in turn, reduces fine lines near your eye leaving them looking younger and more beautiful than they have been in years.

Lash extensions also have the added benefit of being the focal point of your face. When you have beautiful and full lashes, people’s attention is immediately directed towards it, which makes your imperfections fade away in effect!

  1. Lash extensions make every woman look gorgeous

If you think lash extensions are not for you, think twice! A beautiful set of lashes will add instant glamour to your face. Whether it’s an official event or a night out with your gal pals, you don’t need to spend hours getting ready. Just pat a little powder, add a touch of blush, wear your best lipstick and you are all set.

  1. Stand out in a crowd

Apart from glamming you up, lash extensions make you stand out in a crowd. Anyone and everyone who sees you will notice you and your beautiful eyes. The long, lush and gorgeous lashes are more than an easy way to look good and help you save on makeup.

  1. A confidence boost like no other

Every woman is beautiful, they just have to feel it. And with your new eyelash extensions on, you don’t need to be told that you look like a goddess because you will already feel like one. Eyelash extensions are like your own personal confidence boost that you carry around.

So, are you ready for your lash extensions? Book your appointment with our eyelash specialists at BROWZ and get ready for the transformation!

Posted By Naomi Davis

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