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Why Shaded Eyeliner Is A Popular Permanent Makeup Technique

The efforts to achieve a perfect eyeliner day in and out is a real struggle. Due to which many are opting for the semi-permanent shaded eyeliner. This semi-permanent makeup saves the hassle and helps you head out with the perfectly lined eyes each day. 

Shaded Eyeliner

In this technique, our artists use different strokes, colors, and thicknesses to highlight the eyes, and to give it the perfectly lined look. The specialized technologies in the industry allow us to experiment with different techniques, shades, and colors. If you want to opt for a different color besides the basic black and brown inks, other bold options can fit your various needs. 

Eyeliner styles can also be customized to create a more natural, basic eyeliner look. It can be individualized to suit your preferences and facial features. There are several choices when it comes to color, as you can choose a single color, multiple colors, natural colors, or even bold colors. There are numerous options when it comes to thicknesses, shapes, and lengths of eyeliner. 

Some of the factors that have to be considered before getting permanently shaded eyeliner are:

Thickness: The thickness of eyeliners can vary from very thin (1mm thick) to very thick (5mm thick). The thickness you want to opt for depends on placement and eye shape. The artists will help you decide on thickness as it has to be customized according to facial features.

Length: The length of eyeliner for the upper lid usually runs from the first lash to the last lash, however, you can opt to make it longer to make the eye appear larger. While long tails to the upper lid make the eye look dramatic, it can make them look smaller.

The liner on the lower lid is usually cut shorter than the liner on the upper lid. If you are on the lookout for a natural look, you can opt for a lower lid liner, which is three quarters or half-line length.

Placement: This is another factor that needs to be considered. One prominent advantage of permanent eyeliner is the tight lining. In this technique, the artist can place the pigmentation between individual eyelashes to give it a sharp, defined look. This technique not only helps accentuate your lashes but also gives it a smoky, sultry look. 

Shape: It is vital to do your research before getting an eyeliner tattoo because there are so many options and variations. A detailed study of the different eye shapes that look best on you can help you make a quick decision. 

There are different thicknesses, pigments, flaring, graduations, and tails you can pick. Keep in mind your eye color, shape, and personal style before making a decision. 

The skilled professionals at our eyebrow clinic can help you pick out what best suits your features. A careful study of the eye will help narrow down the search for the perfectly lined eyes. 

The popular semi-permanent technique of eyeliner shading will make sure that your eyes are perfectly lined and good to go. The variety of options in terms of color, style, and thickness ensures that we can individualize a unique pattern for your particular eyes, giving you a choice to go bold or natural. 

Posted By Naomi Davis

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