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The Ultimate Guide To Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliners are an essential part of makeup which emphasizes the eyelids, and helps in changing the perceived shape of the eyes. They create a subtle yet profound difference to your face, enhancing your beauty. It is hard to think of a finished look without eyeliners. Now imagine achieving this look without having to deal with the tedious task of applying them every morning? Sounds like a dream, right? This is why women are opting for the semi permanent eyeliner tattoo which gives them the choice of possessing effortlessly beautiful eyes, without worrying about smudging. It brings convenience and glamor under one fold. 


What Is Semi-permanent Eyeliner?

The eyeliner tattoo is an advanced semi-permanent makeup procedure which recreates the look of wearing eyeliner. It is achieved by using a specially designed electric device that is involved in cosmetic tattooing. The artist inserts the semi-permanent pigments of natural origins into the skin of your eyelids, leaving a permanent drawing on your eyeliner in your desired shape. Being a non-invasive procedure, it is soaring in popularity, and requires little to no downtime. You can carry on with your life right after the procedure although it does take a few weeks for complete healing because your skin has to recover from the microtrauma. 

Who Is A Suitable Candidate?

As with any semi-permanent makeup, the question of who qualifies for this treatment is important. Most people are good candidates; however there are certain conditions which make getting a tattoo eyeliner unsafe. It includes diabetes, cancers, skin problems, and other such chronic conditions. You should share your medical history with the artists, who can help you device if you are eligible. 

How Is It Different From Traditional Tattooing?

Although it is a type of tattooing, it is quite different from the regular, traditional tattoo. It does not last forever unlike tattoos, hence the term semi-permanent. The longevity of the color and visibility will fade gradually. The pigments used are formulated in such a way that the body can break them down in time, usually over a period of one to five years. The process is similar to getting a regular body tattoo because it uses an electric device with a fine needle to deposit the pigment but in semi permanent makeup the pigment is deposited relatively shallow ino the skin. It is deposited just below the skin surface, into the basal epidermal layer. 

Even though it is a non-invasive procedure, it is still a form of tattooing. The needle that breaks the skin is extremely thin, so there wouldn’t be much noticeable pain, as a numbing ointment is applied beforehand. It might only feel like a light scratching on your skin. For a good semi-permanent eyeliner treatment experience, it is important to find a trusted brand. Browz is one of the leading beauty solutions in the UAE, whose expert artists will help you achieve beautiful semi permanent makeup without any inconveniences.  

Posted By Naomi Davis

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