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The Different Steps To Care For Your Eyelash Extensions

There are different types of eyelash extensions, and they have their own method of application. Your choice of a lash extension will depend on your personal preferences and your desired look. Lash extensions instantly enhance your appearance by giving your lashes a voluminous look.

Types Of Eyelash Extensions

The lash extensions used at BROWZ are of the highest quality, and they are custom-made by combining softness, durability, and strength. This further ensures that you can carry your lash extensions effortlessly as they blend in with your natural lashes. Additionally, we use custom-made non-irritating glue so that you get the best service without any irritation or complication.

Classic lashes: Our expert professionals individually attach the classic lash extension to your natural lash line to create the appearance of fuller and thicker-looking eyelashes. In the classic technique, one extension is attached to one natural lash strand by strand with utmost precision.

Russian volume lashes: The Russian volume lash is a handmade fan, which is created with extensions, ranging from 2D to 6D, and then it is applied to a single natural lash. Russian volume lashes aim for a dramatic effect and are the best fit for those opting for a bold lash look.

Guidelines To Care For Your Lash Extensions

Clean the lashes: Make sure to clean your lash extensions by removing your makeup with an oil-free liquid makeup remover or otherwise with a gentle cleanser. Also, take care to wipe the extensions with a wet cotton pad rather than a dry one, as it may latch onto your lashes. You can also use a lash wand to help brush the excess dirt and oil.

Avoid using facial oils: Excess oils can affect the lifespan of your lashes as it breaks the lash glue and causes the extensions to loosen. Skincare products like serums, face oils, lotions, and eye creams consist of oils, which may dissolve the lash glue. Instead, you can opt for water or gel-based skincare and makeup products.

Do not soak lash extensions: Moisture can also cause the lash glue to wear off and the lash extensions to come off. Avoid excess moisture, especially saunas and facial steam treatments, to retain the glory of your lashes.

You can also care for your lashes by brushing them and avoiding the use of makeup tools like lash curlers. Another tip is to be consistent with your lash refill, as this can save you from having to get a completely new set of lash extensions. Instead, our therapist can replace the worn-out extensions and retain the healthy ones. Maintain your flattering appearance by following these guidelines and caring for your lash extensions!

Posted By Naomi Davis

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