Semi-Permanent Lip Blush: How You Can Enhance The Shape And Colour Of Your Lips

semi permanent makeup Dubai

Semi-permanent makeup includes treatments and procedures that enhance your natural beauty. These treatments are minimally invasive and mimic the results of makeup application. The advantage of these treatments is the semi-permanence, as these procedures give you a makeup finish that lasts longer. Most of the procedures last for few months and fade off with time. Since it is not a permanent solution, you do not have to be concerned about the long-term effects. It is a semi-permanent solution and will fade off with time. 

Semi-Permanent Lip Blushing

Lip blushing treatments focus on the lip area and add a natural-looking tint to highlight the shape and color of your lips. People who want a semi-permanent solution have the option to enhance their lips with this treatment. You can also wear other lip shades over tinted lips according to your needs and likes, but this procedure aims to give you a natural-looking tint with a no makeup, makeup finish. 

How Does It Work? 

We use organic pigments and specialized tools to create a look you desire. The lip tints come in different shades from light to dark, but you can opt for a natural tint that balances out with your facial features. If you are not happy with your shade, you can always get it corrected once the healing process is over. A lip blush treatment defines the natural shape of your lips by giving them symmetry and color, which contours the lip to give it a boost. The process creates an illusion of increased volume as the therapists customize the shade and shape. Therefore, a lip blush treatment gives you lip-filler-like results. 

Pick A Shade

You can pick the desired shape for your lip treatment, but we recommend going for a lighter shade to create a natural look. The goal is to highlight the lips just right so that it is appealing, a darker shade is desirable, but it may not be suitable as a semi-permanent solution. However, if you want to get a darker tint for your lips, you can communicate with our specialist and then finalize a shade of your choice. 


Typically, a lip blush treatment lasts for two years, but the tint may get considerably lighter within few months. You can get regular touch-ups (monthly) to sustain your color and to keep your lips rosy. Right after the procedure, the lip tattoo will be darker, and it will take a few days for the color to fade and settle down. The actual color is obtained when the tint fades and becomes a little lighter. In case you are not satisfied with your current lip tint you have the option of adjusting the color, but this can be done after the healing process (five to ten days).

Healing Process

The lips get completely healed between 30 to 45 days; however, the initial discomfort will settle down after the first week. Immediately after the treatment, the lips are prone to chapping, and the tint appears darker than the desired color due to the oxidizing procedure. Then the lips will start peeling, and the tint will appear to be much lighter than the expected color. During the third phase of the lip blush treatment, the actual color is seen, and it becomes more evident with the passing days. 

With a lip blush treatment, you no longer have to worry about reapplying your lipstick as it highlights your appearance. However, semi-permanent treatments need to be done with caution. Our expert specialists excel in the industry of beauty treatments. Contact us to get an overview of our lip blush procedure. 




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