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Nanoblading: The Latest Ultra-Precise Brow Treatment

Microblading has been a huge beauty trend over the past decade. There are nearly 13 million hashtags that are dedicated to this cosmetic eyebrow procedure. But this year, another brow trend has caught the attention of all beauty enthusiasts, promising even more natural-looking eyebrows than the famous microblading. Here is the lowdown on the latest ultra-precise brow treatment, “Nanoblading.”

What Is It?

Like microblading, nanoblading is also a form of semi-permanent cosmetic brow treatment done to enhance the appearance of eyebrows. Their differences come from the tool and technique used and, most importantly, nanoblading results are known to mimic the appearance of actual eyebrow hairs.

The dermal pigment used in nanoblading is designed to fade over time to allow for future augmentation, so the semi-permanent nature is like microbladed eyebrows.

The Process

Nanoblading uses an handheld Permanent Makeup Machine (PMU) with one very fine needle. This is in contrast to the microblading tool that uses several needles. The process of nanoblading involves inserting PMU pigments into the dermis (middle) layer of the skin, reaching deep enough to last up to 12 months.

The pigments for nanoblading are inserted in thin strokes that resemble the brow hair precisely. The tool can help brow artists recreate brow arches even from scratch for those with very little to no brows due to health or genetic conditions.

Results To Expect

Nanobladed eyebrows help your eyebrows look fuller while mimicking the diameter, dimension, and strategic details of real hair on the skin, giving a convincingly natural look. In other words, the results of nanoblading help you achieve results that look like real hair growing from the skin.

It doesn’t give the bold and 3-D look that can be achieved with microblading, so it is best for those who expect a simple and near-natural eyebrow enhancement. It is also possible to customize the results to each individual to fulfill a preferred shape for the eyebrows. The PMU tool allows for more controlled application, which helps perfect the results to your expectations.

Suitable Candidates

While anyone who looks for natural-looking enhancement for brows can go for nanoblading, it does come with some limitations for health concerns and to avoid complications. Nanobrows work best on normal to dry skin, so those with oily skin may have to opt for other options. For oily skin, the pigments tend to fade faster.

Apart from this, nanobrows are also more suitable for those with large pores, as the precision of the application prevents pigment blurring. Even people with thin eyebrow hairs or those with alopecia who have no brow hairs can consider this eyebrow enhancement a healthy and effective option promising sustainable results.

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