Mesotherapy naturally enhances the production of building blocks and stimulates your Skin’s metabolism resulting in a natural glow and more youthful appearance.

A non surgical rejuvenation method that transforms your skin inside-out.

What We Do

We inject vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to revitalize and tighten your Skin.


  • A Consultation will take place to understand what your concerns are in order to choose the perfect solutions for you.
  • Most of the time an anesthetic cream will be applied and then very fine needles (comparable to Accupuncture needles) will be used to inject into the area. This may be single needles or in some cases a mechanical gun with needles is used for the process.


We advice you not to take any blood thinners like aspirin before or after the treatment as well as to avoid caffeine and alcohol within 48 hours before and after your treatment.

Since we use a local anesthetic cream, you will feel minimal discomfort, however you will not experience any pain.

Our Aesthetic Doctor will advise you on the best procedure for your desired goals. You will be guided on what substances, location and how often the treatment should be carried out. Each treatment is unique to the individual and so no treatment plan is ever the same.

The area might be slightly red, however there is little to no downtime after Mesotherapy.


After your treatment, your Doctor will advise you on any required after-care and what creams or products to use for optimal results.

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