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Lip Blush Treatment: The Ideal Lip Enhancement For Natural-Looking Rosy Lips

Lip blush treatment is an innovative method of lip enhancement and enhances your natural beauty by adding a soft rosy hue to your lip with minimally invasive techniques. It is a semi-permanent treatment and ensures that the rosy hue remains on your lips for a longer period.

What Is Lip Blush Treatment?

As the name suggests, these treatments focus on your lip area, and the beauty therapist will add a natural-looking tint to highlight the shape and colour of your lips. Lip blush treatments do not restrict the use of makeup or lipsticks, and you can still carry on with your normal routine of applying different shades of lip colours. However, it is an ideal solution for those who desire rosy lips and those who want to rock the no-makeup look daily. 

This aesthetic treatment uses organic pigments and modern digital tools to give you a natural-looking tint. In this lip treatment, our specialists aim to enhance your natural features by focusing on your lips’ shape, symmetry, and colour. The goal is to create a perfect look that complements your facial features and beautifies your characteristic features. We have organic pigments in different shades ranging from light tints to darker ones, and although it is best to go for a lighter tint that matches your skin tone, you can also select a darker one if that is the look you desire. Moreover, this treatment can also camouflage the lip scars that you have in this area.

Treatment Process

  • Our lip artist will firstly apply a numbing cream so that you do not experience any discomfort during the process. 
  • After the numbing, the specialist will draw and shape the lips with a pencil to determine the suitable shape and colour.
  • We use a digital tool to transmit the colour on the lips, and the whole procedure takes between one to two hours. 
  • However, since the lip area is highly sensitive, you may notice swelling during and after treatment, but this will subside within three to five days. 
  • The immediate result may be darker than you expected, but you do not have to panic as the actual colour will appear after the healing process. 

Healing Process

The healing process is a crucial part of the treatment, and after this period, you will be able to see the actual results of the lip treatment. The entire healing takes between 30-45 days and goes through three phases. In the first phase, you will notice that your lips are chapping, and the colour appears to be very dark. Furthermore, in the second phase, the lips will begin to peel, and the colour will appear to be much lighter than expected. Eventually, in the third phase, the colour starts developing and gets darker with each passing day till you have your final results. 

Contact us at BROWZ for further queries on lip blush treatment. 

Posted By Naomi Davis

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