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Introducing The Cryoglobe & Its Benefits

Cryoglobes are steel fluid filled globular objects at -18 degree celsius, which when applied to the skin, has a freezing effect upon the superficial blood vessels, reducing blood circulation to the treated areas. Cryotherapy or cryo stimulation is a technique becoming popular in skin care treatments. When the sub-zero temperature is used to give a cold shock on your body or face, it incites vasoconstriction, a reduction in the blood vessel size. This constriction offers benefits including pain relief, muscle recovery and firmer skin. The vasoconstriction is followed by vasodilation which sends fresher blood to the area, increases circulation, helping toxins stored in the layers of skins to be flushed away. The intense cold also stimulates production of collagen, and improves the skin surface. Cryoglobe therapy has a vast array of benefits for the skin, which is gaining recognition in the wellness sector. 

Cryoglobes have a positive impact on the general well being and condition of the skin, by increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin cells. The cold-shock treatment helps rid the toxins. Consistent, repeated application has anti-ageing, anti-wrinkling benefits, as it tightens the skin, and the increased blood flow imparts plumpness to your skin. 

The freezing temperatures promotes collagen production, gives elasticity, and tightness to your skin, making you appear more youthful and radiant. The effects of cryotherapy are immediately visible, however continued usage ensures best results. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to disappear, and boosted collagen production results in fuller, and beautiful rejuvenated skin without subjecting your skin to injectables or botox-like treatments. It can eliminate puffiness around the eyes, or at least reduce significantly with the first application. The cold causes the pores on the face and neck to shrink, thus limiting the intake of toxins, dirt and grime. It detoxifies your face to give a healthful glow. 

The lymphatic system, upon being exposed to the freezing cold, flushes away the settled pollutants in the skin, soothes inflammations, irritations and first lightens, then removes the redness in your skin. It is also surprisingly very effective for individuals dealing with skin conditions such as Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne, and Psoriasis in relieving the pain as it has anesthetic effects. Cryotherapy also increases your metabolic rate, which in turn causes a spike in your endorphin levels which explains its wide usage in wellness treatments. 

Cryoglobe treatments have an exfoliating effect on your skins, because the freezing temperatures separate the stratum corneum or the outer layer of the skin, also known as epidermin from the stratum lucidum which is the thin, clear layer of dead skin cells on the epidermis, causing increased cell turnover which ultimately results the skin cellular quality by paving way for younger cells to occupy the surface tissues.  The rush of oxygenated blood to these regions also contributes to cell turnover with cytokine increase. The moisture retention effect elicited by the cold produces a moisture retention effect on the intercellular moistures leaving your skin soft and lush. 

Cryglobes are also being used in combination with other skin treatments because it enhances their outcomes. Using cryoglobes prior to peels or microneedling can be beneficial as the cold increases blood flow to the skin. It also increases the effect of serum penetration into deeper tissues of the skin. Leading Beauty brands in the UAE have introduced this new skin therapy tool in their beauty treatments. The Browz Dubai is the emerging beauty solution which aims to revolutionize skin care, by bringing together innovation, quality service, and personalization to semi-permanent makeup, brow shaping, and other advanced skin care treatments!


Posted By Naomi Davis

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