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Eyebrow Treatments For Getting the Perfect Brows

What gives a face its subtle definition? Although we never really think of eyebrows as a facial feature that matters very much, it is the one feature, whose presence or absence can change your entire look! People with thick eyebrows are blessed with enough of it to work on. Thick eyebrows are treated to threading, plucking and waxing to maintain its shape and give an individual’s face, the definition it needs.
At Browz Group Dubai, we also treat another set of individuals, who lack thick, full and shapely eyebrows. These ladies who have plucked and pulled at their eyebrows for years without satisfaction are treated to individual eyebrow treatments, which ensure that their eyebrows look more fuller, shapely and naturally beautiful.
So take a sneak peak into the different eyebrow treatments in Dubai, available at Browz Group –
The Fluffy Eyebrows
Through an easy, minimally invasive procedure using organic dye, ladies with very sparse eyebrows are treated to give them beautiful looking eyebrows, that they can carry with confidence. Fluffy eyebrows are fuller and thicker, and very natural looking and are highly recommended to all those superstar women who have lived through many awkward “no brows” days where they lost their eyebrows due to alopecia or simply never had enough of them to start with. Instead of spending hours drawing one on your face every morning, fluffy eyebrow treatment from Browz Group can help you get the most natural looking eyebrows that you can carry every day, may it be a work day or a day out with family and friends.
Ombre Brows
The ombre brows are meant for the ladies who prefer fuller results than the hairstrokes, but still soft. This eyebrow treatment uses a semi permanent powdered technique. Which gives a characteristic look with a light beginning and darker tail, giving its ombre look.
The HD Brows
HD brows are specifically designed for those bold women, who will settle for nothing but the best. These HD brows are more dramatic, giving your face the highlighted definition that you deserve. HD brows are not just any eyebrow treatment in Dubai. It ensures that your eyebrows are fuller thicker and sculpted to perfection. Whether your eyebrows are over-plucked or too thick for any average grooming session, HD eyebrow treatment from Brows Group ensure that your eyebrows are sculpted to perfection, in a shape that suits your face the best.
We understand that every woman has her preference, which is why we have three different eyebrow treatments available in our salon in Dubai. Visit Browz Group for your individual consultation and eyebrow transformation today!

Posted By Naomi Davis

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