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Expert Advice: Best Aftercare Tips and Recommendations for Maintaining Eyebrows

Advancements in the beauty industry have made different eyebrow treatments easily accessible and safe. These treatments have been tried, tested, and certified by health boards, which proves their credibility and safety. However, it is still necessary to follow the precautionary measures and aftercare to ensure that you do not undergo any discomfort throughout the healing process.

Besides aftercare, maintenance is also crucial so that you can enjoy the flattering effects of your eyebrow treatment for a longer duration. We offer several treatments, and our secret is that we offer individualized treatments to suit your unique facial characteristics. We do not use a one-size-fits-all strategy in any of our treatments, be it HD brows, brow lamination, hair stroke brows, or ombre brows.

Aftercare for Eyebrow Treatments

The skin beneath the eyebrow hair is a sensitive area; therefore, it is crucial to take care and promote healing by following the aftercare instructions. There are a few environmental factors that can hinder the healing process and it is best to avoid excessive sun exposure, dust, and debris for the first 24 hours post-treatment.

Avoid the use of makeup as this could lead to infection or irritation. You will also have to restrict yourself from intense physical activities which can cause excessive sweating as this can again hinder the healing process. Avoid the use of creams, ointments and do not get facial treatments or chemical peels done during the healing period. 

Be careful not to rub, or pick the dry skin on the eyebrows as this will irritate the skin beneath the eyebrow. Avoid swimming and visiting saunas for the first five days post-treatment. Excessive alcohol consumption can slow down the process of healing, which is why it is vital to decrease alcohol consumption during the healing period.  

Face washing

It is vital to prevent water from splashing on your eyebrows after eyebrow treatments, which is why you have to wash your face gently with a damp sponge or otherwise a washcloth. You can fasten the healing process by washing your face the right way.

It is best to:

  •           Use lukewarm water to wash your face with a washcloth or a sponge. 
  •           You can gently rub in very little amounts of a mild face wash to cleanse your face.
  •           Squeeze the excess water from the washcloth.
  •           Dab all over the face, but be careful to avoid the eyebrow area.
  •           Dry your skin with a dry cloth and again avoid the eyebrow area. 

How to Maintain Your Eyebrows?

Most semi-permanent eyebrow treatments last up to two months, after which the effects may start to fade off. The single most effective way to maintain the glory of your eyebrows is to get a touch-up done once you notice the effects fading away.

Some of the recommendations for eyebrow maintenance include:

  •           Stop plucking your eyebrows yourself, as this can affect the health and growth cycle of your eyebrows. 
  •           You can use an eyebrow primer to conceal overgrowth and smoothen the area.
  •           Keep your eyebrows healthy using eye creams with SPF so that the skin beneath the eyebrow is protected from sun damage. 

Our team at BROWZ is committed to providing safe and effective treatments to enhance your eyebrows. We use face-mapping techniques to create a look, which will complement your natural features. We also use a blend of organic products and minimally invasive techniques. 

Posted By Naomi Davis

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