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After Care


In general there is no downtime for Microblading Eyebrows. The area will heal completely in about 10 -14 days, the pigment may appear about 30% darker for the first few days and strokes will shrink by about 20%.

BROWZ Artists Top Aftercare Advice For Perfect Brows


  • Additional retouch treatments must not be done until
    the brows are completely healed.
  • 6-8 weeks healing time is required before your retouch.
  • Immediately after treatment and during the first few
    days please wash your hands to prevent cross –
    contamination before touching your eyebrows.


Every 1 hour

  • Use your fingertips to gently clean your brows with filtered water and a mild soap, and repeat this cleaning up to 4 times during the day. Allow to dry naturally with the fresh air only.


  • Clean the area with warm water and a cotton pad and allow to air dry. Use a clean cotton pad for each eyebrow.
  • Apply a fine layer of balm on treated area if needed, i.e. tightness or dry skin


  • Do not pick or over touch the treated area as it will result in pigment loss and can cause scarring.
  • Itching is normal, you will go through 3 phases of healing; 1. Your eyebrow will go darker 2. Looks patchy 3. Pigment look softer and natural.
  • Avoid using any other products for example: Creams, oils or cosmetics until healed.
  • Allow the Brow to heal naturally.
  • Avoid heavy perspiring for 48 hrs.
  • Keep the hair away from your Brows to prevent the possibility of infection this includes any head scarfs.
  • DO NOT use petroleum Jelly or Vaseline on treated area.

BROWZ Artists Top Recommendations for ensuring your brows continue to look AMAZING after your Semi Permanent
Make-up Session

ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN – Keep it simple stick style, no cream/minimum 50

AIM HIGH – And by this we mean HIGH DEFINITION (HD Brows). Our unique treatment will ensure your newly transformed brows remain in perfect shape. Tint, wax, thread and finish to accentuate eye popping arches.

REFRESH – It is always advisable to refresh your color every 8-14 months as necessary, so your brows also look their very best!

ENHANCE – Now you have your fabulous new brows SHOW THEM OFF! Our Artists recommend adding Lash Lifting or Lash Extensions to fully maximize your Eyes!


  • If you are scheduled to have a chemical peel or laser procedure, please inform the technician of your new brows.
  • Please inform the National Blood service if you donate blood as you may not be eligible to give blood for a six-month period following your treatment.

Microblading Top Up Sessions Price Guide

Up to 6 months - AED1,000
Up to 12 months - AED2,000
Up to 18 months - AED3,000 (This includes a further Top- Up)
24 months +- Full price