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5 Tips To Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions Everyday

Your eyelashes are more than just a means to protect your eyes. Darker, thicker and longer eyelashes can define your eyes and enhance your facial features. Your stunning eyelashes can grab attention and help your eyes do all the talking. Women who are naturally blessed with longer and thicker lashes often say that they need little to no makeup every day as their eyelashes give their face enough definition to confidently face the world.

It is no wonder why eyelash extensions have become so popular in recent times. Women are now more practical and are on the lookout for techniques to enhance their facial features just right, without the constant need to look and feel good with makeup. Since they learned that lashes can make or break their look, more and more women are all in for eyelash extensions. 

With all that said, caring for the eyelash extensions is as important as getting it in the first place. So, in this blog, we will look into 5 practical tips to make your eyelash extensions last longer. 

Using the right products

When buying make up products, ensure that they are NOT oil-based. The eyelash extensions are applied to your eyelid with the help of a special non-toxic glue, which may break down when exposed to oils of any kind. So to avoid the premature drop out of your lashes, stay miles away from oil-based eye and makeup products.

Avoid Mascara

One of the highlights of getting an eyelash extension is that they are beautiful on their own. You need not apply mascara on them to make them look ‘better’. This stands especially true for ‘Russian Volume’. The mascara may destroy your lashes with regular use.

Clean your lashes

Although you may feel that your eyelash extensions are very fragile and shouldn’t be touched at all, it is very important to actually clean them daily. Your extensions should be cleaned daily to remove dirt, grease and makeup residue that builds up over them. This not only keeps the follicles healthy but also prevents infections. Removing natural oils while cleaning will also help in the retention of the lash glue. If you are unsure of how to clean them, ask our eyelash extension specialists and get specific lash cleansers that can be used over your eyes.


Avoid Picking on them

When caring for your lash extensions, ensure that you NEVER pick them out. Most times when women pick out the extensions on their own, they tend to pluck their natural lashes as well. If you aren’t satisfied with how they look or if it’s time for a redo, contact us to get it removed professionally. We have the expertise to pick out your extensions and retain your natural lashes without damaging them.

Brush your lashes

Long, fluffy and neat eyelashes take some effort to be maintained. Criss-crossed eyelash extensions put pressure on each other, which can lead to premature shedding of the lashes. To maintain them in their full glory, brush them daily with a special lash brush. Now,  flaunt your lashes without a care in the world!

Final words

Like with any semi-permanent treatment, you must have realistic expectations about your eyelash extensions. Our lash specialists at BROWZ work according to the nature of your natural lashes and use extensions that can go well with them. So even if your lashes are not as dramatic as you expected, they are the best ones that will go with your natural lashes and suits your beautiful facial features. 

Posted By Naomi Davis

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