Browz is the first exclusive brow bar in the middle east, bringing the UK’s most talked about treatments to the UAE from feathered micro blading, High Definition Brows to 3D Semi permanent Makeup.

Our award winning and passionate team of brow experts are dedicated to perfecting the arch, colour and definition of your eyebrows.

We offer everything you need to not only flatter but flaunt your favorite features.

Whether you’re searching for eye-popping arches or a little extra lift in your overall look, whether short-term results or a little more permanent our team have it covered.

Michele Barclay

Michele Barclay began her career in the beauty world in the early 80’s, her experience is second to none having trained with the industries finest in prestigious cities such as London, Paris and Dubai to name a few.

It wasn’t long before Michele became a huge name in the eyebrow industry after becoming one of HD Brows top stylists with a long list of requests ensuring she was booked months in advance. Michele has a long list of loyal celebrity clients both in the UK and UAE.

Michele’s forte now lies in semi permanent makeup where she is know for her immense brow styles, a keen eye for perfection and a natural flare, it’s not hard to see why Michele has always remained at the top of her game.

Michele is consistently updating  her skills and applying the latest medical technology to her work.

Michele has developed a very natural and customised technique now known as Fluffy Browz, the brand’s signature style.

‘Redefine your eyebrows, first by giving the correct shape and then adding volume & definition’.


Meet our team…

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Chloe Walsh
Chloe Walsh
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Arti Bagga
Arti Bagga
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The amazing Ombre Brow Technique

Ombré eyebrows is a unique technique that gives the illusion of a realistic eyebrow with the effect of powder brows and gives a natural or glamorous look.

Ombre eyebrow looks best on people who already have some natural hairs but is also great for people without hairs. However For Those with less hair it is especially Important to know how to create realistic contrast depending on the wish of the client.

It is a great alternative for people who have oily skin and thin skin

It is Suitable for everyone, no matter the skin or skin type.

Ombré eyebrows can be as light and subtle as you want or vice versa. Book in now for a consultation or to go ahead with the treatment.



BROWZ offers everything you need to ensure your brows are looking perfect.

Introducing the UK’s most talked about brow treatments. We will be offering everything from brow threading, high definition brows to semi permanent hair strokes (our signature treatment fully Browz).

We’d love to see you! Why not drop by and see what we have on offer.