Price: 390 AED

Duration: 45mins

LVL Lashes is a revolutionary new treatment, especially designed to resolve your eyelash troubles for good. Gone are the days of struggling to heat up eyelash curlers and spending large amounts of money on various beauty products! This is a one-stop solution that is also conveniently instant.

So what exactly is it?

To put it simply, LVL Lashes is one of the easiest, non-invasive and cost-effective eyelash treatments around. LVL stands for Length-Volume-Lift. One of the many reasons it has risen to popularity since its introduction to the world, is the fact that all you need are your natural lashes. You need not fiddle about with fake eyelashes for hours on end anymore.

You might wonder why you should consider LVL Lashes over lash extensions and perms. Well, there are significant differences between them. To begin with, eyelash extensions are time-consuming (2 hours for a full set) which is less than ideal. Painstakingly applying fake lashes for 2 hours every morning does not seem like a plausible option for the modern day woman. Furthermore, some of the lash glues in the market are not safe for use which can result in disastrous skin problems. You also need to invest in maintenance, touching them up every 3-4 weeks which again, is not entirely practical.

LVL Lashes is also preferred because it does not need fake eyelashes, adhesives or mascara to help it do its job. It takes around 45 minutes depending on your individual circumstances. It is also considerably cheaper than other eyelash enhancements seeing as how there is no maintenance involved. You can look forward to enjoying your new look for 6-8 weeks. We use the highest quality products and employ the best hands around so you are assured of a hassle-free experience.

Speak to us and find out more! We can guide you based on your requirements and develop a look that is just for you.

FAQs for LVL Lashes

What are LVL Lashes?

LVL Lashes are a different take on lash extensions. LVL stands for Length-Volume-Lift and the treatment is more advanced and effective than traditional lash perms. What LVL does, is straighten your eyelashes out from the root itself. This allows your lashes to reach their fullest potential by looking longer and thicker. As opposed to curling which tends to shorten and restrict lashes, this method aims to help them stretch out. Since they are being treated from the root itself, the results are not only instant but also lasts for a long time. Plus, you can also add-on a mascara tint which is just like having mascara on-the-go. You are ready to head out whenever you want!

How long would it take?

The treatment time for LVL Lashes in general is standard since there are no major differences from person to person. On average, it clocks in at around 45 minutes a session, so should be easy to fit into a weekend. If you do have naturally thicker eyelashes though, it might be another 5-10 minutes extra since we need to ensure that every single one of your lashes are properly attended to.

Does it hurt?

Absolutely not. Our team at Browz is overall very attentive to each one of our customers which, given the nature of work we do is mandatory. We deal with a very delicate field so we take every step we can to ensure the most comfortable experience for our clients. LVL Lashes is not an invasive treatment by any means. Our team is highly-qualified and experienced to employ the gentlest of methods so you have nothing to worry about.

How does it work?

Seeing as how LVL Lashes treatments do not use any form of lash extensions, adhesives, mascara or anything of the sort, how it works has been a common question. Putting it simply, all it does it use a setting serum that has been specifically designed for this purpose. This serum contains all the magic, where it works to lift your lashes up from the root, push them forward and lengthen them in the process. You can choose the type of lift you are looking for based on the size of the shields used from small, medium and large.

What if I have sensitive skin?

Some people are more sensitive than others, and this means that in such cases health and safety is number one. If you are prone to allergies and other reactions, it is best that you speak with one of us to have a patch test done. This can take anywhere between 24-48 hours depending on the situation. Please remember that we take the safety of all our clients extremely seriously, so if you have a severe problem you must inform us.

How long do they last?

If you opt for LVL Lashes, they can last anywhere between 6-8 weeks. The length of time is largely dependent on the health and condition of your natural lashes. You can use a moisturising serum if you wish to help condition them, but for the most part there is no maintenance needed once you leave the salon. Since the treatment addresses all the main areas necessary to keep your lashes in prime form, you have nothing to do, except enjoy your new sultry look!

What about damage?

This a common concern amongst many of our clients and you will be relieved to know that no, there will be no damage sustained once the treatment wears off. That is of course, provided you go to a reliable salon like Browz which has many years of experience coupled with skilled staff. Unlike perming, LVL Lashes does not dry your eyelashes out or weaken them. Aside from the techniques used, the products are just as important when it comes to such a delicate treatment. Rest assured, our products are all completely safe and approved for use. They have been tried and tested for any irregularities, and we also make it a point to only invest in products that we are 100% satisfied with.

How much can I expect to spend?

It all depends on where you live. In major cities, prices tend to be generally higher than other areas. Having said that, LVL Lashes do not break the bank so you can look forward to booking your appointment once your next pay day rolls around.

Can I get extensions afterwards?

If you have had a long-standing relationship with lash extensions and still feel the need for them, then yes you can go for extensions after LVL Lashes. In fact, this happens to be a great solution for those who have downward lashes. Extensions applied straight onto this type of eyelashes tend to weigh down the natural lashes, making them droop even more. With LVL treatment, you get to first lift your lashes up before adding the extensions which gives the look you were going for. Just don’t do it on the same day. You need to give your eyelashes at least 48 hours to recover.

Can I do it myself?

Although you could probably get your hands on the required products and equipment, you are strongly discouraged from ever trying this out at home. Sure, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials on LVL Lashes but if you want to avoid a potential disaster, stay away from them. You can always watch them to get a better understanding of how it is done and what to expect, but not to do it yourself. This sort of treatment requires significant expertise and plenty of experience so this is not something you should ‘try out’ at home. It is not like applying nail polish. Make sure you only ever get it done by professionals.